5 Great Summer AT/AAC Online Trainings!

Looking for some continuing education opportunities to learn more about assistive technology and AAC while you are wrapping up your "lazy" summer? :)  Check out some of these great online webinars to stay in the AT loop!

ATIA is offering some great topics over the next month, including "Challenges to Using Apps as Assistive Technology"

PRC always hosts some great AAC trainings to support not only their products, but the AAC evaluation and treatment process as a whole.  They have a few nice online trainings coming up, including one on successful AAC report writing.

Offers a nice, comprehensive listing of CE opportunities in the areas of AT and AAC, including online/webinar trainings.  

Although not a live webinar or a course offering CE credits, this site has some amazing online resources to help new professionals in the field of AT get their bearings.  

Although they have not posted any new, live webinars since May, you can access all of their archived webinars for some really great information.

I will update this as I come across new opportunities.

Have a training, online course, or webinar you'd like to share?


Online Resources for AAC from Say It With Symbols!

I just came across this site (I know, a bit slow since it has been in business for a few years!) and I love it!  Great low tech, AAC products and a wonderful resource list for parent friendly AAC info all over the web!  They also sell adorable shirts and gift items, including greeting cards, that display messages with picture communication symbols.  Love it :)

If you are a parent or professional looking for AAC tips to support your special kids, definitely check this out (Giving Greetings/Say It With Symbols!).

You might also want to check out SNEAK's previous post on SNEAK's Top 5 Web Resources for Teaching Language to Kids who Use AAC

What AAC resources do you find helpful?


Connect: New Switch Interface for iPad

Updated information on Connect (previously called Keynote), set to be released this Fall!
Adapted form a post seen on Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs
Ablenet is set to release Keynote in September of this year.  From what I can tell (and I could be wrong), it seems like Keynote is a switch interface, sound amplification system and protective case in one, very similar to the iAdapter with the added feature of a switch interface.  The switch interface in Keynote will enable users to control functions of the iPad that allow Voice Over controls, such as switching between screens on the iPad, and navigating to and opening apps.  Keynote's switch interface will also enable users to operate apps that support Voice Over controls by using a single switch.  This is a step above where our current switch interface options are (e.g., Blue2, Therapy Box).  Pretty cool, can't wait to try it out for myself!


10+ Essential Speech Therapy Apps for Your iToolbox

image from Polyvore 

I have found so many cool iTools for professionals lately that I decided to start a running post to showcase some of the apps that make my job as a therapist a little bit easier. :). Unlike other posts on SNEAK, which often focus on apps for our kids, this one is for my #slpeeps and other professionals working in the trenches and looking for some great apps to help out. Please comment below if you would like to share professional apps that you find helpful. I will update this list as I find new gems :)

*Note:  All of the app links below are for iPad apps but many of these apps are also available for the iPhone.

Say Hi Translate
SayHi Translate: Use Your Voice to Speak a New Language like a Pro - SayHi
Work with multicultural families and need some communication help in a pinch?  This handy app will translate into many common languages when you speak aloud!

Disfluency Index Counter
Disfluency Index Counter - Smarty Ears
Keep track of stuttered syllables and more with this handy, disfluency data tracking app.

Artik Pix
ArtikPix - Full - Expressive Solutions LLC
A full articulation deck for word and sentence level practice with built-in data tracker, reinforcement, and auditory feedback.  Great pictures and extensive word lists!

Time Timer
Time Timer: iPad Edition - Time Timer LLC
An awesome visual timer to help kids stay on task and transition between activities.

Token Board
Token Board - Zorten
A visual token board app that helps kids work for rewards and achieve their goals.

Custom Boards
Custom Boards- Premium - Smarty Ears
A great, on-the-go app for making visual supports and communication boards on your iPad!  Great symbol library and lots of templates included!

Super Duper Data Tracker
Super Duper Data Tracker - Super Duper Publications
A simple and easy to use app for tracking data during sessions.  Data tracker also includes graphs to help you visualize each student's progress.

3D Human Oral Cavity
3D Human Oral Cavity - Quantum Apps Inc
Great, 3D models of the human oral musculature to help in patient and family education during therapy.  This series has lots of companion apps for different parts of the body.

Pages - Apple
Created by Apple for iPad and iPhone, this word processor is a great way to keep up with your documents on-the-go.  It is a fully functioning word processing app that can be used to write therapy notes, create home programs,  compose letters to colleagues and families, and more!

Metronome!! - Peter Deelstra
Help your students control their speaking rate, motor planning, and fluency with a simple, but handy metronome app.  This one provides visual and auditory feedback and is very customizable.

What apps are in your professional iToolbox?


Awareness! An App for Articulation, Fluency, and more!

I recently downloaded this app for my own use (to keep me safe and aware while running with my headphones in),  but I quickly realized that it had wonderful applications to speech therapy, especially for kids struggling with articulation and fluency difficulties.

Awareness! The Headphone App allows you to hear environmental sounds around you while listening to music or other audio through your headphones (on iPhone or iPad).  Awareness! uses the microphone of your device to bring in the external audio signal and blends the signals so you hear the audio source form within your device (i.e., audio, music) as well as the sounds around you!  It really works well!  Here are a few ways I have explored this app so far in therapy:

  • As feedback to slow down speech rate (much like DAF-delayed Auditory Feedback)
  • As feedback for articulation practice and error discrimination
  • To help my kids with auditory processing difficulties practice listening to what's important within a sea of environmental noise
I love using Awareness!  with the built in iPhone/iPad, front facing camera as well for added feedback!

This app is simple, but awesome, and I can't wait to keep exploring it as a feedback tool in therapy!

What apps are you using for feedback?