SNEAK's Peeks #1: " I Like Books" by Grasshopper Apps

I Like Books
I Like Books (developed by Grasshopper Apps)includes 37 picture books for kids (in 1App!) with high quality, colorful photos, simple embedded text, and voice output!  Many elements of the stories are also fully customizable so you can change the voice output, change the story text, and even create photo "hot spots" that speak when they are touched! 

Check out our SNEAK's Peeks video demo below (or click here to view on YouTube) for a quick introduction to this really cool storybook App!
I really like the simplicity of this App and the photos are great!  I would like to see the ability to use your own photos added to future upgrades.  This feature would expand this App's potential as a platform for creating adapted stories and social stories for children with special needs.  For children with higher level language skills, I think this App is a great way to elicit simple narratives based on the pictures provided in each story.  The kids can even record their story retell or spontaneous narrative as they look at the pictures and then have the App read their own story back to them! 


  1. Great review, Tanna! I have some of these but you motivated me to go out and get the entire set. I didn't realize they were so easy to customize-love that!

  2. Thank you for your comment! I hope they add the ability to import your own photos soon! This would really open the door for creating simple, customized interactive books and social stories!

  3. There is an app made by Grasshopper Apps that is called Little Story Maker that is free that lets you create your own I Like book from scratch using the same easy to use system they use for editing the I Like books. It is very simple and customizable. A perfect solution to your request. I have not figured out how to only have one page per slide, but this is still an amazing app that allows me to create high interest stories based on what my kids love! Enjoy!

    1. Great! Thanks so much for sharing this!