Awesome Holiday Gifts for Special Kids

Parents often ask me what toys to buy for their special kids, as many traditional toys are not made with special needs in mind.  I came across  a link to the 2011 Gift Guide for Individuals Living with Paralysis (compiled by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation) and I was inspired to share the link, and to also compile a list of my own. :)  Below I have listed some web resources that I have used to help guide the gift buying process.  Check these out and share them with the families you serve.  I will follow up with my own tips and tricks on adapting my Top 10 Traditional Toys to suit the special needs of kid's with cognitive and physical limitations (that and more, in a later post. :) 

Toys R' Us Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids is an amazing compilation of great, traditional toys (non-adapted) that is compiled by Toys R' Us with the professional guidance of the play experts at Lekotek.  This guide is available in Spanish and English, Flash version and PDF, which makes it great for sharing with families.  You can also order print version of the guide (free or charge) to distribute at your school or center.  The greatest part of this guide is that it showcases toys that are easily accessible for most families as they can be purchased locally and don't usually cost as much as adapted toys.  The guide is conveniently organized so that toys are accompanied by symbols to help parents find those toys that promote different skills, such as Auditory, Language, Social, Creativity, and Fine and Gross Motor Skills.

Fisher Price Toys & Playtime Tips for Children with Special Needs is a web resource provided by Fisher Price with the guidance of the experts at the Let;s Play Project.  Although it does not currently provide specific toy suggestions, it allows parents to pick the level of support their child needs in certain developmental areas (Hearing, Seeing, Talking etc...) and then provides general toy buying tips on features to look for in toys to make them more accessible.

Visit the SNEAK aStore to find these great toys, and other, hand-picked toys for special needs kids that you can buy easily from Amazon!

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  1. Came across a great article on selecting toys for kids who are blind or visually impaired. http://www.afb.org/afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw121103
    Enjoy :)