iCloud to the Rescue!

Apple iCloud

If you haven't already explored iCloud on the new iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch upgrade (IOS 5), procrastinate no longer! The days of emailing the photo you took on your iPhone (to yourself) so that you can open it on your iPad, which has the App you need to create that thing you need (the App which is NOT on your iPhone)…. are OVER! iCloud makes it easier to integrate all of your iDevices, allowing you to share photos and music, sync apps, contacts, notes, docs, and calendars, and even back up your devices, ALL without ever connecting to a computer! It’s relatively easy to set up, and for basic use, entirely FREE! Check out Apple’s iCloud online info page for a simple overview and demo videos. You can also check out YouTube for a host of How-to videos to walk you through the features of iCloud, as well as step-by-step guides on setting it up on your iDevices. Now I only wish Photo Stream (on iCloud) shared my videos too. :(   I guess Drop Box will have to do for now. :)

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