Custom Boards App: Boardmaker for iPad? Well not exactly...

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Most likely, all of you use or have used Boardmaker to create communication boards and other visual supports for your kids.  Mayer-Johnson and the community of Boardmaker users have even created platforms for sharing resources to help professionals and parents create materials with Boardmaker quickly and easily, such as Boardmaker Share and the Speaking of Speech Materials Exchange.  BUT, Mayer-Johnson has not yet released a mobile solution to fulfill our visual support making needs!  I like to think of Custom Boards as the cousin (twice removed I suppose) of Boardmaker.  While Custom Boards doesn’t yet offer the editing power we see in Boardmaker, it is a smart little App that makes creating visual supports on the fly a breeze.   

Things I Love About Custom Boards:
·       Simple, easy to use app design
·       An extensive library of Smarty Symbols and the ability to use photos from your iPad
·       Ability to save boards to user folders keeps you organized and makes finding saved boards easier
·       Printed boards are well formatted
·       Extensive template library that allows you to create tons of materials easily
·       A Lite version in the App Store, and tutorial and demo videos allow users to try before they buy
·       A cost effective solution (in comparison to Boardmaker) for parents to create boards at home

My Wish List for Custom Boards:
·       I hope they fix the Email function as it isn’t working on my version
·       Ability to change the font type, size, and color
·       Ability to resize and combine symbols within cells
·       Being able to search and add Google Images from within the App would be really cool J

Overall, I think this is a great App for creating visuals on the go and I really love the price in comparison with Boardmaker, making this a nice solution for families to create visuals at home.  It is important to note that you do need to have air printing abilities to print these boards from your iPad, otherwise, you will need to email them to yourself and print them from a computer.  I know that many professionals and parents who try this App may experience some longing for the PCS library found in Boardmaker products; however, I encourage everyone to open their symbol minds and try something new! J Download Custom Boards now to try it for yourself!

What do you think of Custom Boards and the Smarty Symbols Library?


  1. Thank you so much for posting about Custom Boards. We have just found it by accident! We wanted to talk to you about the email function. We have tested the app and the email function works well on all our devices. We have also asked our advisory board and everyone's email function works well. Can you let us know which version of the app you have?
    Also, You may not know but you don't have to have the printer you can share the boards directly from iTunes on your computer. Here is how: http://vimeo.com/33606347

  2. Hi Barbara! I am referring to the LITE version, maybe this was resolved in the Premium version? And yes, I was aware that you can print through iTunes which is super cool! Just may not be as handy for making boards on the go :). Thank you for your comments and for creating such a great App!

  3. Tanna,
    Just now saw your response. ;-) Sorry about the delay. Yes, I was referring to the Premium version, as the lite version is no longer available. There are so many new features on the full version ( Google searches, add your custom text anywhere, search by phoneme, etc). I would love to give you a copy of it if you don't own it already.

    1. I'd love to check out the full version :) I don't currently own a full copy. Thanks for the update!!

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