Funding Resources to Get iPads to Kids with Special Needs

Money doesn't grow on trees, but it certainly grows from the hearts of people who care about kids with special needs!  Know a child with special needs who would benefit from an iPad or iPhone but the family just can't work it into the budget?  Here is a list of some great places to look for financial assistance for these kids and their families. 

I will update this list as I come across new links.  Do you know of a resource I missed? Feel free to add it in the comments section below this post! :)

Different Iz Good  is a great site and a great blog for many reasons!  They not on,y offer their own grants for iPads and iPhones, but also provide links to other sources who do.!

Loud Mommy Is another great blog that offers grants for iPads to children on the Autism Spectrum.  They are currently fundraising and will offer a new round of grantsstarting April, 2012. 

iTaalk.org spotlights funding sources on their Tuesday's Treasures Blog weekly, including sources of iPad grants. Although they recently closed their own iPad grant campaign, they offer a wide array of funding resource links on their site under Resources.  

Babbies with iPads also offers grants to qualified applicants and their site shares great tips and other resources!

The Kaufman Center in Michigan also posted a great PDF with some awesome sources of funding for kids with special needs.  This list is quite comprehensive and includes resources for many other equipment and service needs, including medicine, therapy, and technology.  

Check back often for updates!


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