Tecla Access for Android Opens Doors for Switch Accessibility in Mobile Devices

What is Tecla Access?
Tecla Access is an App and hardware “shield” designed to provide switch access to the underlying operating system (Android) on Android mobile devices. This includes ALL of the Apps loaded onto a particular device.  In other words, you can use Tecla Access on your Android tablet to access other Apps witch a switch. This technology is in the pre-production stages and is currently being tested in the UK, Canada, and US with adult users.  The research team at the Inclusive Design Research Centre of OCAD University in Toronto is currently gathering data on the compatibility of Tecla Access with various Android Tablets and Android Apps. They post this data as it is gathered on their project site.  Currently, Tecla Access is compatible with various Android mobile phones and the Samsung Galaxy Tab (a mobile tablet similar to an iPad).  The research team will test the compatibility of different Android Apps with the Tecla Access system upon request.  They are still in the working stages of identifying those Apps which follow best accessibility practices most closely, and therefore present good compatibility with Tecla Access.  Check the Tecla Access Project site  for more information on the Apps that have been tested as well as those in process. 
How do I get Tecla Access?
Visit Tecla’s site to learn more about how to participate in the initial use of this amazing product.    Keep in mind that this is a two part system-in order to use Tecla Access on your Android tablet for switch accessibility you must have the Tecla Access App  and the Tecla Access Shield. 
You can download the Tecla Access App for free in the Android Market.  You can get other great Android Apps in  the Amazon AppStore for Android
I am really excited about this project and I can’t wait to see how it develops in the coming months. Despite the fact that the initial focus of this project is on adult users, I am completely confident that this technology has wonderful applicability for our kids who use switches.    Do you use Android Apps with your kids?  Which Apps should Tecla Access test out to get this project moving for our kids?
A special thank you to Jorge Silva at the Inclusive Technology Research Centre of OCAD University for answering all of my dummy questions and providing great resources for this post! J

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