Stay Tuned to SNEAK for ATIA 2012 Coverage!

 How amazing is technology?  As I write this, I am 35,000 feet in the air, wedged in the middle seat of a very full airplane, on my way to Orlando! And what waits for me there?  More amazing technology!  While I may not be a reporter, I'm going to take a stab at it this weekend to bring all of you on-the-spot coverage of the great resources at ATIA.  Most of you know about ATIA, some of you may not, but in short, it is an amazing conference that brings together great minds in education, innovation, therapy, advocacy, and so much more!  AT for mobility, low vision, special education, hearing impairment- you name it and it is at ATIA!  And to back up these amazing products, fresh and innovative perspectives from experts in the supporting fields that bring ability to children and adults with special needs.   Stay tuned through SNEAK email updates, my Twitter feed (@sneakotb), RSS feed, and Facebook so you won't miss a thing tomorrow through Sunday!! :) 


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