The Debate Over BPA & Some Cool Products to Keep Kids Safe



The National Children's Study , addressing the debate over the potential health hazards of BPA  and other factors in our environment on childhood development, is officially underway!  This study will focus on correlations between childhood developmental delays, behavioral issues, and disease, and the presence of toxins in our environment.  Many believe that toxins, such as BPA, found in many products that our children consume daily, can lead to negative developmental and health impacts.  The goal of this study is to lean further insight into this issue as it pertains to humans (not animals, as in previous studies).  Visit The National Children's Study for detailed information about the study, and to receive email updates.  

ESP  (Essential Safe Products)is a great source of BPA-free products for babies and kids of all ages. Each product is tested before it is placed on their site, assuring no traces of BPA or other toxins.  Check out the products on their site! I use many of these myself, and I have found a few products at The Container Store.  Not high-tech but still great technology!

You can stay informed on this issue and the results of this study by subscribing to  email updates from The National Children's Study.  


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