Your iPad Settings are Your Friends!

Using iPads with kids can be tricky, especially when it comes to keeping them out of functions where they can wreak havoc! At times, you may just need some safe-guards to keep kids away from unfiltered content (e.g., You Tube), or just keep them focused on the task at hand, rather than exploring other Apps and functions.  Advance recently shared a post on getting to know your iPad settings and how making a few easy changes can save you from disaster!  MacWorld also shared a post in October on the new accessibility settings on iOS5 (iPads with the most recent software update) which outline built in features that help children and adults with visual, hearing, and physical disabilities better access the iPad.

One setting change in the Accessibility settings of iOS5 that I have found handy is toggling the Zoom.  I noticed with my kids with motor challenges that they often lean on the iPad screen a bit with their hands or fingers, or some with better motor skills may double tap the screen.  These gestures make the screen zoom-by turning the Zoom off when working with these kids, I saved some redirection time.

Being visually impaired, I LOVE the Accessibility features of the iPad and I recently stumbled across one that I didn't notice before.  Check out my next post to learn about the Reader function in Safari :)  

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