SNEAK's Peeks #4: Hands-on Interactive Play with Sifteo Cubes

 Sifteo Interactive Game Cubes were one of the coolest tools I saw at ATIA 2012 this past weekend! Check out this quick demo  the rep from EnableMart gave me of this awesome new learning modality!

These high-tech "manipulatives" interact with desktop software on your computer to display and play fun and educational games! You can create your own games using the Sifteo Creativity Kit, or play a variety of games from the Sifteo Game Studios, suited for a variety of ages and interests!
I had a blast playing with the cubes and saw so much potential for use with kids with special needs. The cubes have a high color display, are extremely lightweight and easy to push along th table or grasp, and easily connect and interact with each other to give feedback to the player.  What a fun way to incorporate manipulatives into simple counting, math, colors, or matching game!  The rep assured me that they re pretty durable too. Can't wait to see where this technology goes!  Check out Sifteo Interactive Game Cubes on Amazon!

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