iPad Still Works After A 100,000 Foot Fall From Space and Some Great,Rugged Cases to Kid-Proof Your Tech

This was originally shared at AppAdvice and I had to pass it on!  To test the durability of their new rugged iPad case, the Extreme Sleeve, these developers launched a working iPad (protected by the Extreme Sleeve, of course) via weather balloon into space and watched as it fell nearly 100,000 feet to the ground!  Don't worry, the iPad was ok, just check out the video at the link below :)

I figure if this case can hold up to such an extreme challenge, it can certainly handle being chucked across a room, drooled on, and otherwise utterly abused by our kids, right?  If you haven't taken the time to find a security blanket for the brand new iPad you got your child for Christmas (this year or last :), now is the time to check out these great rugged cases for iPad 1 and iPad 2. 

Extreme Sleeve by G-Form

iAdapter by AMDI (This one is a speaker and a case!)

OtterBox Defender Series by OtterBox

RJ's Ultimate iPad Case by RJ Cooper Associates

Big Grips by KEM Ventures

Many of these cases do not have built in stands so you will have to look for positioning options to purchase in addition to the case.  Check out the links above to see what they offer for iPhone as well.  Some of the cases are bulkier than others and there are many other rugged cases that are not quite as durable as these on the market, should you need a case for a gentler child. :)

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