iBallz: A Sleeker Way to Protect Your iPad

A quick follow up to a post I did on great rugged cases to kid-proof your techAppadvice recently posted a review of iBallz, a quirky, yet sleek and durable solution to protect your iPad from impact and liquids.  I have been holding off on buying a case of my own for my iPad because I split the use of my iPad between work and personal and I certainly didn't think a rugged case like the iAdapter would fit in my purse!  I think these quirky little spheres may just be my perfect solution!  Check out the AppAdvice review and get iBallz for your iPad on Amazon!


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  1. I have iBallz and the lid case for my iPad2 and I love it! I'm way less worried about breaking it and also use iBallz to hang my iPad by my desk or in the kitchen so I can listen to music or watch tv anywhere in the house.