ATIA Update! AAC Institute & Developing Language Competence in AAC Users

A great session with Katya Hill, SLP of the University of Pittsburgh/AAC Institute, stressing the importance of helping families, professionals, and kids move forward, beyond core words, beyond requesting and social phrases, to full language competence with AAC Systems, including grammar and literacy. We forget sometimes that we need to follow normal developmental norms for Language acquisition with nonverbal or limited verbal kids and that we need to set their systems up with this evolution in mind!  Check out the great links below to learn more from the AAC Institute!  

 AAC Institute on Facebook 

AAC Institute Main Site 

Gail Van Tatenove, Pixon Project, & Core Words 

AAC Language Lab, Materails and Teaching/Implementation Materials 


I hope to find more Webinars and trainings on this topic for pros and parents in the future!



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