New High-Contrast Picture Symbols for Boardmaker: A Great Tool for Children with CVI

Mayer-Johnson recently released an addendum library for the Boardmaker software family that uses high-contrast to make picture communication symbols (PCS) more accessible to children with cortical visual impairment (CVI) and other visual impairments.  Prior to the release of this addendum, many of us had to edit each symbol  by hand in the Boardmaker editing tool to change the color combinations and other symbol features so that they were more appropriate for kids with complex visual needs.  This great edition to the extensive PCS library in Boardmaker is sure to be a time saver for many parents and professionals who support kids with CVI.  

From Mayer-Johnson:

Working in conjunction with Linda Burkhart and Gayle Porter, the creator of PODD (Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display), Mayer-Johnson has created a powerful library of high contrast symbols for individuals with low vision and visual impairment. PCS™ Classic: High Contrast offers a core library of over 1450 symbols that are drawn with bright colors and minimal detail. These symbols are easier to see than standard symbols and offer a range of vocabulary topics to enable individuals with low vision or visual impairment to participate in a variety of communication settings. PCS™ Classic: High Contrast includes symbols for food, clothing, games, community, school, social interaction and much more.
For more information on using visual supports to adapt learning and communication for children with visual impairment, check out Linda Burkhart's site.  If you support a child with significant visual impairment and are not working with a vision therapist, find one in your area here.  
Do you have visual supports that you find helpful for children with CVI/visual impairment?  Share them with us!

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