New App for Language: What's in the Bag?

I was browsing the App Store for some tools to work on questions with some of my older kids on the Autism Spectrum.  I came across "What's in the Bag?" and downloaded it because of its incredibly detailed App store description of all of the ways in which I could use the App to work on a variety of language goals (very nice marketing strategy). I normally DO NOT buy Apps that don't have a Lite version because I find that I'm most often disappointed rather than surprised.  I'm afraid this is one of those times.  :(. But, despite my disappointment, I think this App has some good potential.  
In essence, What's in the Bag? is the game of 20 questions  in visual form.  The basic idea is that a "hider" player chooses one of the 120 pictures included in the app and then "hides" it behind a digital brown paper bag.  The other player(s) ask questions of the hider to try and guess what is behind the bag.  There are seven question marks on the screen that offer cues for different questions the players could ask to gain information about the hidden item.  When the questions are completed and a guess is given, or someone gives up, you pinch the iPad paper bag image to reveal the hidden picture.
Bag Game - all4mychild

Things I Love About What's in the Bag?:
It is visually simple and easy to navigate, making it an appropriate App for school-aged children working on communication goals.
It provides a nice variety of clear clipart in a few basic vocabulary categories.
It encourages group play rather than individual play on a motivating platform (the iPad)

My Wishlist for What's in the Bag?:
It has no sound and no animation!  How boring for these kids. :(. Most kids are really looking for that visual and auditory feedback to help them along with the task and to reward them for their participation along the way.  Sure, I will give this as the facilitator, but they don't want to hear from only me. :)
I would  love to be able to integrate pictures from my camera roll into this App as items that can be hidden.  This would allow for inclusion of a lot more word categories and potential descriptors that the "guessers" can use.
I would love to be able to record voice (or have the app embed voice) over the question clues (I.e., the question marks on the screen to give ideas to guessers).This would help kids who cannot read, or who do not comprehend what they read without  auditory support, use this App feature more successfully.

I have plans to give this one a try with a few of my kids this week.  Stay tubed for the moment of truth! :)

Bag Game - all4mychild and support SNEAK outside the box!

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