The SoundBender Amplifies iPad for AAC

The Soundbender
I just came across this great review on AppAdvice about The Soundbender (by Simply Amazinc), a simple iPad accessory that amplifies the sound from your iPad by redirecting the sound waves toward you (rather than to the back, which is how the iPad speaker is currently set-up).  I really think this has amazing applications for kids (and adults) who use the iPad as an AAC device.  Compared to using external speakers to address limitations in amplification, the Soundbender is smaller, lighter-weight, does not require a power source, and fits on the iPad with a protective case in place secondary to its magnetic properties.  Check out a review of Soundbender on AppAdvice, and visit Kickstarter to learn more about the product and its designer, a teacher and Rabbi working in Minnesota. Kickstarter also has a video of the Soundbender in action.  Currently, the only way to obtain a Soundbender is to become a “backer” of this new, grass-roots product by visiting their project site on Kickstarter.   Once the project receives enough funding (i.e., enough “backers” pledging money), Simply Amazinc can begin larger scale production of the Soundbender and it will become available commercially.  Mine is on the way for a simple pledge of $20! Can’t wait to receive it and start using it-I’ll keep you posted! J

The Soundbender on the iPad 2
What solutions are you using to solve this iPad sound dilemma? 

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  1. I got my Soundbender in the mail today and I love it! I don't have to turn my volume up quite so loud to hear the details in my music, voice output apps, or movies! Very cool little tool :) My only complaint is it doesn't fit ideally onto my iPad with my case on :( Maybe an adjustable Soundbender is in the future?