How About an Ice Breaker to Get Things Going?

So after a year or more of speculating and a week long adventure across the country to "new beginnings", I decided to start a blog! The ever-changing grimace of the economy has lugged myself, my husband, and our little ones (Oliver, an adorable, spunky, and, if I may say so, BRILLIANT Rat Terrier pup and Zoe, a prissy but beautiful Kitty) across the USA from Florida to Seattle. As I get to know this funky yet frigid city (brrrrrr), I have been further inspired to pick up where I left off in Florida. So a bit more about that...

As a full time speech therapist at a dynamic, family centered private practice, I had the great fortune of working with amazing kids with profound challenges. As a member of an innovative, multidisciplinary team of OT's, PT's, ST's, and special educators, I was able to approach the challenges of my clients and their families with an abundance of tools, many of which emerged from the "out of the box" thinking of great minds and experts in their field. However, technology can often be the monster under the bed for experts, not to mention the families they serve!

This dilemma calls to me and I find great joy in being the go-to girl for help with technology integration. I find that my fellow therapists are excited (and somewhat relieved) to have someone to help them troubleshoot therapeutic problems and develop innovative solutions through the cooperative lenses of sound clinical principles and creative technology. And the families I serve, forget about it! :)

But this information in and of itself isn't top secret, right? It is available to everyone via innumerable avenues , right? So then why were my families and colleagues still so shaky?

I came up with many possible answers to this question and used them to guide my focus on "SNEAK Outside the Box". I want to go beyond "Hey! That App is pretty cool!" and toward "Ok, now what do I do with it?". I hope you will join me. :) "And now for something completely different!" -Monty Python

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