Free PDF Booklet on Building Switch Skills

Do you have a child or work with a child who uses a switch (or would benefit from using a switch) to access toys, computers, and more?  Are you stuck on how to help this child move forward with switch useCheck out this free booklet on Switch Skills Progression at The Spectronics Blog!
"This booklet collates over ten years of best practice research and classroom observations from around the globe. Detailing every stage of switch skills acquisition from cause-and-effect through to competent scanning, this document will help you plan meaningful and motivating routes to success for your switch users accessing communication, learning and leisure."-The Spectronics Blog.

I downloaded this doc totally free in PDF form and I could even read it in iBooks on my iPad!  Spectronics is following up with another free resource on Touch Skills Progression (i.e., training children to access the various touchscreen commands used on touch devices like iPad) in early January, 2012! 

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