Gube App-Safer YouTube for Kids!

Gube is a great new App that “filters” YouTube to provide a more kid-friendly, G-rated search and viewing platform. The App pre-screens videos and includes only those that are appropriate for the eyes and ears of babes! The library of the App contains thousands of videos chosen by the developers (parents) with new videos added regularly. Users can also submit video recommendations for consideration by the developers of Gube. Gube categorizes its catalog of videos by age, allowing you (as the caregiver/ professional) to display only those videos that fall within selected age groups (you can toggle these age groups in the settings of the App). The interface of the App looks and acts much like YouTube, with “Favorites”, “Recents” and “Featured” tabs, and also a search option (although it only searches those videos within the App, remember, not the entire Youtube database). Use of Gube with ahome button cover like the BubCap, orLasered Pics Home Button Guard and a durable case like the Big Frame or Otter Box lets allows kids to have a more independent, unsupervised viewing experience on You Tube without parents getting too nervous. J
One feature that I would like to see included in this App is the ability for users to prescreen videos on YouTube themselves, and then upload these as links within the Gube App. This would allow therapists, teachers, and caregivers to load specific videos for lessons, themes, and activities within a safe viewing environment, giving Gube more applicability as a teaching tool and not just a source of entertainment. I would also love to seeswitch accessibility with this App as it is a simple, but wonderful platform to help motivate kids to learn how to useswitches! And how empowering to be able to play their own videos using their switches! How are you all using YouTube and other video platforms to enhance play and learning for your kids?

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