Free Webinar Trainings on Teaching Kids Switches

Spectronics is offering free webinars on a variety of topics for the new year, including a few on teaching switch use!  Check out the link below:
FREE Online Training | The Spectronics Blog

The first two topics are:

  • Jan 18th 2011: Getting the most from your switches AWAY from the computer
    Ideas for using switches away from the computer. Examples will be shown which match the key milestones and small steps from Ian’s Switch Progression Road Map.
    https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/s/showReg?udc=l3iycnibki6x This is an external link

  • Feb 15th 2012: Communication Devices in an Inclusive Classroom
    This webinar looks the use of single and multiple message communication devices and how they can be used as an integral part of the school day.

  • These webinars are FREE and also recorded, so you don't need to be signed on at the time to take advantage of them.  Follow the links above to register!  Thanks Spectronics!

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