Installing Apps on all of Your iDevices

I get asked often by parents "If I buy an App for my iPhone, can I use it on my child's iPad?" (and vice versa). Absolutely! Whenever you download an App from the App Store, it will show up as "INSTALL" in the App Store (where it usually says the cost of the App, "free", "$0.99", etc...). Touching "INSTALL" will download that App onto the iDevice you are using (iPhone, iTouch, iPad) at no additional cost.

However, here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • You must be signed in under the Apple ID that you used to download the App originally in order for the App Store to recognize that you have already downloaded the App and show "INSTALL" rather than the cost of the App.  Most of us only have one Apple ID, so this isn't a problem.  But for those who have multiple ITunes accounts (and therefore, multiple ID's), make sure you sign in under the right one. :)
  • Certain Apps save your information (e.g., game scores, drawings you create, etc...) within the iDevice rather than on a server linked with the App Developer.  You can usually tell these Apps because they don't require you to use a sign-in ID and password to establish your account when you set-up the App in the beginning. Other Apps, such as Pandora Radio for example, store your information on a server outside of your iDevice.   This is important to note because if  you are using an App that saves information on your iDevice versus a server, you will not see this stored information in the App when you install it on your other devices.  If the App stored your information on a server however, this information is available form any version of the App on any iDevice.
  • Some Apps have different versions for iPhone/iTouch versus iPad.  Other Apps are designed to work on all iDevices equally.  This is important to note because if you download an iPhone/iTouch App that is only designed to work on an iPhone/iTouch, it will look differentl on an iPad (although it will still work on an iPad).  Conversely, however, if you download an App that is designed to work ONLY ON AN iPad, it WILL NOT RUN on an iTouch or iPhone.  Most App developers are trying their best to develop Apps for all platforms now, but there are still some out there where you will run into this problem. 
What other questions about iDevice techy information do you have? 

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