Tips for Successful Switch Skill-Building

You put your incredibly bright little guy with CP in front of Help Kidz Learn  with a fabulous Jelly Bean switch and you have nothing but hope that he will know just what to do.  To your dismay, your well-thought plan turns into a scene out of the Flintstones rather quickly-Bam! Bam! Bam!  Many of us have seen this happen-the repeated bashing of a switch despite much support to help our kids get the full picture of the what and why of switches.  Could the problem lie in the teaching methods?

Here is an insightful article with some dialogue examples of how to use switch accessible computer activities (at the cause-effect level) to build switch skill progression in kids with special needs.  We all want our kids to achieve initial success with switches at an early stage and we certainly don’t want them to linger at the cause-effect stage for eternity!  This article is very helpful in painting a picture of how we, as guiding hands and minds, can frame these experiences a bit differently to reach new levels of success with our kids. 

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