Drop Box App-Who Needs a Flash Drive Anymore?

In a previous post on iCloud, I sadly mentioned how the fact that I can’t share my videos between my devices using iCloud is really cramping my style!  I also mentioned Drop Box and I thought I’d take a moment to elaborate for those who aren’t familiar with this incredibly useful tool.  Think of Drop Box as a flash drive (USB drive, USB key) of sorts.  By loading Drop Box onto your PC/MAC, creating a free account (that also allows you to use Drop Box as a guest on their web-based server when you are away from your computer), and then installing the free Drop Box App on your iDevice(s), you can have ALL of your files at your finger tips, ALL at one time, on ALL of your devices!  That includes documents, videos, pictures, Power Point or Keynote presentations and more!  It’s easy to set up and even easier to use! As you can tell, I can’t contain my excitement.:)  Check out the very cool intro video above.  You can also get more info on their website (including  the PC/MAC download).  And, of course, you can download the Drop Box App from the App Store. :) Here’s to getting organized!

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