New AAC App With a Core Words Approach!

Find it at the App Store
Thank you toTherapy App 411 for this awesome review of a great new App that looks and works a lot like MinSpeak/Unity on the PRC communication devices (e.g., Vantage, Vanguard)!

Speak For Yourself! (click link to the left for Therapy App 411 review) is an AAC App
that is rooted in the use of core word vocabulary (FINALLY!) and motor planning concepts to help kids with communication disabilities communicate more quickly and effectively!  Visit the developers website for additional info. Here is a video demo (produced by the developers and posted on You Tube)

 My only gripe is that there isn't a lite version :(. It is a pricey App at $299.00 and I know therapists and parents are going to want to try before they buy.  Maybe if enough of us suggest this to the developers they will throw us a Lite Version Bone :)
You have to check out this App and let us know what you think!  It is truly UNIQUE!

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