Keyguards for iPad

If there is one area of accessibility in which idevices fall short (I personally think there is more than one, but that's for another day, another post:) it is versatility of access method. A touch screen, although strikingly sensitive and easy for us to use, presents significant challenges for kids with muscle tone issues. Check out this review of Keyguards for iPad on SNApps4Kids. The Keyguards are made by a company called Lasered Pics out of Minnesota. They have some standard layouts for popular AAC Apps like Proloquo2Go, but also make to order for the needs of the customer. Most of the products are very affordable, ranging around 20 bucks on average. I haven't used the guards with my kids yet, but I have my eye on one specifically for my first purchase!

The Home Button Strip keeps your kids on the App at hand and off the home screen! :) I will check back in to let you know how it goes with my home button endeavors. :)

Any thoughts on these products from those who have used them?

Now if we can just do something about that pesky screen sensitivity!

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