Music Draw App, Great for Kids with Visual Impairments!

Cover Art Music Draw Free is a nice App for children with visual impairment to create music by simply dragging their finger across a high contrast (neon on black) screen. The biggest downfall of this App is the glaring advertisement that takes up a considerable amount of screen space along the top of the display (huge bummer!). BUT, it's a free App and definitely a great starting point for kids with CVI, low vision, or other visual impairments to practice touch screen skills, cause-effect, and tracking. Pretty fun too :)!


  1. Going to download this. Recently got an IPAD and having fun setting it up for the kids!

  2. Great Leni! This one is a fun one too! It is nice to see some high contrast apps available but I really wish there was more versatility for the little guys with VI. I have a few more I found that I am going to share this week on the blog so come back soon and visit for more great info! :) And thank you for commenting!