Use Your iPad as a Switch

I nearly fell over when I saw this App in the App Store the other day!  Attainment Company makes an App called Attainment Switch ($4.99)  that turns your iPad into a switch to access switch accessible activities on a Mac or PC (software games or web-based).  It's easy to set up and has a simple interface that you can even add symbols to (from your computer or iPad Photo library).  I had to install a free helper program on my computer (click here to download the helper software for Mac or PC)) so that the Attainment Switch App and the computer could communicate with each other.  I was up and running within 5 minutes or less! 

So then I went to one of my favorite switch games website, Help Kidz Learn and started to get really bummed out. :(  Many of the games on the site don't work with my new switch App!  I investigated this from numerous angles, and even had my software engineer hubby on the ob, and I know for sure that it isn't a malfunction of the switch.  It seems that certain switch games are "written" (software programming language) differently and aren't able to respond to the message my Attainment Switch is sending out.  This didn't discourage me too much though-I wrote an email to the Help Kidz Learn folks and hope they can sort this out.  I think I will contact Attainment Company about the problem as well and follow up with their responses in a later post. 

But for now, here is a list of the activities on Help Kidz Learn that DO WORK with the Attainment Switch (and I had a blast using it!). 

Early Steps
Big Bang Colours

Christmas Presents

Five Little Firefighters
Five Sharks Swimming

Card Maker Lite
Mosaic Painter
Build a Sandcastle

Find Out
Talking Clock 

Has anyone use the Attainment Switch App?  What other sites/games work with it?


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