Positioning Options for iPad

There are many table stands and iPad carrying cases with built in stands on the market.  But I write this post with our kids with significant gross and fine motor challenges in mind. Some of our kids, such as those with SMA or other conditions which result in immobility, spend a lot of their day at home on the couch or in bed.  This makes table stands for iPad a bit tricky.  Here are a few of the more innovative iPad stands out there and a bit of info on why I think they could be really cool positioning options for these little guys.

The CushPad is a specially designed cushion made to hold your iPad 2 on uneven or unstable surfaces, such as: a couch, bed, airplane tray-table, or your lap!  The disadvantage of this stand is that it does not offer adjustable viewing angles.  However, it is cost effective, at around $35, and works as a nice solution for side-lying on the couch or bed.  The company is also hosting a promotion on their website for $5 off by "liking: them on Facebook (a few other ways to get the coupon as well).  

Prop 'n Go Hybrid Lap Stand for iPad (& Kindle) is a nice alternative to The CushPad for those kids who need adjustable angles for optimal viewing.  This stand includes 14 easily adjusted angles (iPad reclines between 9° and 75°), a universal design that  fits iPad, iPad 2, and any tablet, and a breath-easy comfy base with an stand built-i.The price isn't too bad at around $50 through Amazon.

iProp is a flexible floor stand that allows for 360 degrees of rotation. This is helpful in achieving difficult angles if viewing reclined in a chair, laying on the couch, or in bed. Because it is a floor stand, it also allows for closer viewing position, helpful for children with visual impairment who may need to view the screen more closely.  The combination of flexible height adjustments and 360 degrees of rotation also make this stand work well for children who need unique positioning to access the touch screen.    

What stands have you used with your kids?


  1. I bought this ipad stand from http://www.mobiletoyz.co.uk its a cushion that works as an ipad holder. Its made from velvet and very comfy to use in bed and on my lap.
    ipad bed stand

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Marie! Do you have any tips for those who are using this stand or might want to give it a try?