SNEAK's Top 5 Web Resources for Teaching Language to Kids Who Use AAC

I often encounter colleagues and parents who find themselves stuck at many levels of the AAC and language continuum.  For some of us who support kids who use AAC, getting tangled in the technology can often leave us feeling confused and overwhelmed (Imagine how our kids feel!)  In my own quest for a life raft in this sometimes daunting task, I have found some wonderful resources to support the process of teaching language to children who use AAC! as well as those responsible for teaching them!  Here are my fav 5 web resources for AAC implementation strategies:


1.  AAC Language Lab is a site operated by Prentke-Romich Company, an AAC device manufacturer.  Even though the resources on this site are designed to be used with PRC's Unity software on their devices, the activities and resources here can be used to teach core vocabulary to kids who use any device or low-tech system.  Access to all info and teaching resources on this site is completely free!  I use the plans and handouts on this site daily with my kids and families and all of the information is clearly illustrated, in parent-friendly language, making AAC Language Lab an awesome resource for therapy sessions and carryover across daily routines. 

2.  PrAACtical AAC  is an amazing blog and web resource with frequent posts on language building strategies to support AAc users at a variety of levels.  PrAACtical AAC also has an AAC e-Toolbox with tons of implementation techniques, handouts, articles, and videos.  There is a wealth of other valuable information on this site and it is updated frequently with PrAACtical tips :). 

3.  Dynavox Implementation Toolkit  is a site by Dynavox Techno,ogies, another AAC device manufacturer.  This site is intended for use with Dunavox's InterAACt software on their devices.  However, much like the AAC Language Lab by PRC, the principles outlined in this extensive toolkit can be used with other devices and low-tech systems.  I especially like this resource because it has a range of information that varies in detail, making it a great source for pros, teachers, And parents.  You have to create an account to use the toolkit but it is quick, easy, and free to do so.  :)

4.  AAC Intervention provides a Tip of the Month on implementing ASC and archives all other tips for reference.  Eavh tip focuses on a different topic in ASC implementation and most include detailed handouts on what the strategy is, how to use it, and why.  The site is free for all resources and is updated somewhat frequently.  

5.  YAACK: Connecting Young Kids has a wealth of information on  the span of AAC, from defining through assessment, and also has some great, basic information on teaching AAC and building communicative competence in AAC users.  This isn't a site that is updated frequently as it is a compilation of information by Ruth Ballinger, completed for fulfillment of her Masters in Special Education.  BUT, it is an essential reference for anyone supporting an AAC user, especially those who are a little shaky on the subject of AAC.  

Have an AAC site or other resoirce that you depend on for guidance?






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