Apple Safari "Reader" Button

Some of you savvy iOS users might have noticed something new hanging out in your URL box these days.  I'm a bit slow when it comes to things of the visual nature so it took me some time but a few weeks ago I noticed that every now and then, a small grey "Reader" button will pop up in the URL box of my Safari Browser and what happens when I click on it is music to my eyes!  

The Reader function translates the text of the open web page into a text only screen that pops up with options to change the text size.  It also creates a clean, text-only (i.e., no fancy web page backgrounds etc...) platform upon which to use the VoiceOver or Speak Selection feature to read the text aloud.  You can also share this text-only "article".

This tool is very useful for me as a visually impaired reader, however, most of my current students are unable to read so I have not been able to try it in the clinical setting.  This feature has great potential for literate students with visual impairments, and is also a nice way for professionals to create clean looking handouts to give to parents and colleagues in print or via email.

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