Great Links for Switch Activities

Use your iPad as a Switch!
The iPad is a great tool for kids with special needs, but it falls short when it comes to switch accessibility.  Fortunately, there are many great websites that offer a nice variety of switch accessible games and activities! 

Here are a few of my favorite places to go for information on switches.  Most of these are free!
Some require an internet connection to play live, others can be downloaded via an internet connection and played offline later.  There is some duplication in links among the sites (sorry!) but each resource provided below has at least one new site to mention. You can use the Attainment Switch App, Blue 2,or other external switches with a computer to access these activities.  Have a web resource for switch activities?  Post it in the comments below! :)

Switch Gaming
Switch Gaming and OneSwitch.org present a wealth of info on a wide range of switch accessibility topics, including questions on switch interfacing, game reviews for switch accessible games,  a single switch game library, and links to other switch game sites.  This site also has information on equipment for making other gaming systems (e.g., Playstation, Wii) accessible via switches and other adaptations.  It is updated frequently so you can check back often for new resources!

Spectronics offers a short list and description of some of their favorite switch sites.  The links include single and dual switch activities, as well as news activities and books that can be accessed via switches.  This post has not been updated recently but the Spectronics Blog itself is updated often and a good source of information relevant to switch accessibility. 

Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs
This site has some links to online switch activities for single switch, single switch scanning, and two-switch use.  The link above is an original post and they have also updated the post this year to include more resources.  This site is updated frequently and also has a lot of other great resources for special education and assertive technology.

This site Includes many links for switch accessible, computer games that can be played online or downloaded. The listing iIncludes free activities for single switch use and switch scanning. Cause-Effect and educationally based games are included. It is not updated frequently but is still a great list.

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