The Trabasack Helps Your iPad Stay Put!

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This is a clever product and when I saw it, I immediately thought of the many wheelchair lap trays I have outfitted with tons of Velcro strips to get toys and tech to stay put!  I think this smart little lap desk/carrying case is a great alternative for some kids who need their materials anchored for access!  The Trabasack (sometimes referred to as a "buggy tray") comes in four versions: Trabasack Curve,  Trabasack Curve ConnectTrabasack Mini , and Trabasack Mini Connect .  "Connect" versions are covered with a material that feels and acts like the soft side of Velcro. To anchor toys, games, tech, or anything else, you would simply put the hook side of a Velcro tab on the item.  You may need more Velcro on the item depending on its size and weight.  The Trabasack also acts as a carrying case so yo can ensure it is always with the child, toting anything he needs to work and play!  The Trabasack has great potential as a communication board as well, with handy storage for all your PCS right inside your Trabasack,  Thanks to Viviane on Thinking Outside the Light-box for mentioning this cool new tool!  if you buy your Trabasack through this link, you can support our blog at the same time, with no extra cost to you!  Thanks for your support and I welcome your input on this product!

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