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There are so many Apps out there with reviews in so many places, it can be quite overwhelming taking it all in!  Some developers are writing Apps to organize the search for Apps!  Crazy, I know, but I happen to like these sorts of Apps, especially if they are free!  Autism Apps is one of those free gems that does some of that tedious legwork of finding appropriate special education Apps for you. 
Autism Apps is a “comprehensive” list of Apps considered appropriate for special education and therapeutic applications for children on the Autism Spectrum.  The list is updated periodically and you can even suggest Apps to be added to the list from within the App itself.  Autism Apps organizes the list in helpful categories (e.g., ABA, Creative Play), allows searches within the App, and even showcases new  and popular content in the “New” and “Featured” tabs. 
Each listing in Autism Apps offers the App store icon for the App, to allow for easier identification when purchasing/downloading.  Other helpful information is also included, such as the platforms the App will run on (i.e., iPhone, iPod, iPad), the full description of the App features (as presented in the App Store), screen shots from applicable platforms, and detailed reviews (from sources outside of what you see in the App Store). You can even link to demo videos (for those Apps which have them) and purchase the Apps straight from the Autism Apps interface. 
This is a simple, free resource to help gather information about Apps for special kids in an efficient way.  However, it is by no means a full list of appropriate Apps for children with ASD,  as new Apps are added daily to the App Store and some Apps that are not specifically designed for children with special needs can be used for a variety of educationally relevant functions with a bit of scaffolding and creativity. J
Do you have an App finding tool that you like to use?

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