Switch Accessible Apps from Inclusive Technology

Great News!  Inclusive Technology, the folks who brought us one of the best free, switch activity websites on the web, Help Kidz Learn, is now offering 5 Apps for download in the Apple App Store!  Even Better News!  4 of the 5 have switch access!  You heard me, there are finally some cause-effect, play-based apps with switch accessibility on the iPad!  I haven’t had a chance to check these out yet but I wanted to share them because I couldn’t’ contain my excitement! I will give each a closer look and follow-up in a later post, but for now, here are the fab 5 for your reviewing pleasure.  Let us know what you think!

Purchase these Apps in the App Store  through the links below to 
Support SNEAK OTB at the same time :)
Hidden Grid - Inclusive Technology Ltd

Hidden Grid
Peeping Musicians
Aunty Maggie's Recipe 
Five Sharks Swimming
Smarty Pants

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