Awareness! An App for Articulation, Fluency, and more!

I recently downloaded this app for my own use (to keep me safe and aware while running with my headphones in),  but I quickly realized that it had wonderful applications to speech therapy, especially for kids struggling with articulation and fluency difficulties.

Awareness! The Headphone App allows you to hear environmental sounds around you while listening to music or other audio through your headphones (on iPhone or iPad).  Awareness! uses the microphone of your device to bring in the external audio signal and blends the signals so you hear the audio source form within your device (i.e., audio, music) as well as the sounds around you!  It really works well!  Here are a few ways I have explored this app so far in therapy:

  • As feedback to slow down speech rate (much like DAF-delayed Auditory Feedback)
  • As feedback for articulation practice and error discrimination
  • To help my kids with auditory processing difficulties practice listening to what's important within a sea of environmental noise
I love using Awareness!  with the built in iPhone/iPad, front facing camera as well for added feedback!

This app is simple, but awesome, and I can't wait to keep exploring it as a feedback tool in therapy!

What apps are you using for feedback?

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