Tactile Feedbak for iPad 3? An Amazing Prospect for Visually Impaired Kids!

I found this Youtube Video (Touch the Invisibles...) a few weeks ago that featured an innovation in the development phase that would bring tactile feedback to the iPad touch screen.  I haven't heard anything more about it since:  that is, until now!  Rumor on the street claims this feature (or something similar) might be available in iPad 3!  Check out the link below to find out more!

TUAW: Haptic feedback rumor gains traction for iPad

What amazing implications in the fields of sensory processing!  And even more so, what amazing potential for helping children and adults who are blind or significantly visually impaired interact with the iPad touch screen!  I will definitely have to add this one to my iPad 3 wish list!

Do you have experience using tactile feedback with children?

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