Bummer #1 About the New iPad

Will the new Retina display on the iPad HD force you to have to upgrade to a storage size larger than the base model(16 gGB)? This article on App Advice kinda made me frown :(.


Downside to Having Retina Display on the New iPad

Originally posted on AppAdvice.com


Many of the Apps we use with kids who have special needs are large files to begin with (e.g., AAC Apps like Touch Chat etc...). I can't imagine them doubling or tripling in file size! That will be a disaster! This is definitely one thing to consider before buying the new iPad HD. Yo may have to shell out more money just to get enough storage for the new, HD versions of your Apps. :(


This bummer has me womdering: Could the iPad 2 be a better product for our kids?




  1. KCPOLP, I think the hardest aspect of this bummer is that it will affect users of iPad 1 and 2 as well because the Apps we all currently use are going to be updated to display on the newest version of iPad, which is going to increase their size. I think one good thing is that not all Apps are graphically demanding so it may not have as much of an impact on everyone's device storage. Thanks for the comment!