Technology for Kids with Visual Impairment

I was recently invited to be a guest speaker on two teleconferences for parents seeking support for their children with visual impairments. These impairments included cortical visual impairment (CVI) and LCA, a genetic condition which leads to blindness. I really enjoyed participating in these calls and gaining some perspective on the information these families are seeking for their kids. They all had such wonderful questions and I admired their innovation and bravery. Although the focus of this talk was definitely geared more toward mobile technology, we also discussed some great computer and web resources to enhance play and learning for these kids. I thought this information might be helpful for other families supporting children with cortical visual impairment and other forms of low vision and blindness.   I thought it might be helpful to other parents to have some of this info as well.  In a series of posts this week, I will share some further tips and resources on technology for visually impaired kids.  Click on the links below for information related to each technology category .:)  I will try to post these quickly this week so if a link doesn't work today, please try again tomorrow!

App List for Kids with Visual Impairment

Tips for Choosing & Using Apps for Kids with Special Needs

iPad Positioning Tips for Children with Visual Impairment

Tips to Assist Motor Access For iPad

Software & Online Games  for Kids with Visual Impairment

What resources are you looking for to help kids with visual impairment?

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